Friday, 5 August 2016


On the 6 August, the 31st Olympiad begins in Rio De Janiero.  The question I and many other people are asking themselves is "Why?"

The games had problems right from the start. 

Let's begin with the obvious - Rio itself. The place is a mess. It has a beach that is full of sewage. And there is loads of litter. It's horrible. The bay was full of sewage in 2014 and it is still full of it, and there have been claims from people that dead bodies have been floating in the sea. Is that the kind of place anyone, especially a top-class athlete wants to be rowing or sailing a boat??

Then there are the evictions. And no I'm not kidding. A lot of people where literally kicked out of their homes so that the Rio could build Olympic venues and a village.  This is completely wrong. And the fact that new houses have been built for the evicted is really not the point!

Which leads to the homeless people and the favelas (slum district). The people who live on the hills are very poor and there are drug gangs all over the place. Violence and shootings are common. And the police are having a hard time controlling it all.  

Also people rioted when they heard Rio had been given the games, because they were upset at the cost of it.

That's all. Right? Wrong! Then there are the muggings of athletes. This includes athletes from China, Australia, and Spain. 

As if the athletes getting robbed wasn't enough, so have journalists! A German team had their equipment truck hijacked, and several other journalists have been pick-pocketed while just strolling along the  beach.

A Russian diplomat allegedly had to shoot a mugger, oh and the police, who are clearly not doing a good job anyway, have decided to go on strike for the duration of the games. 

Then we have the buildings themselves, many athletes have said that the buildings at the village are unsafe (which reminds me of the wobbly staircase at the World Cup) and are not fit to live in. .

The list goes on and on....!  

This is not the face you really want to be showing to the world is it? Well, don't worry. You won't get to see that face anyway. You can guarantee the media will show you all the lovely beaches (if there are any), the beautiful blue sea (no bodies or litter here folks), and smiling happy athletes saying how proud they are to be in Rio (despite being mugged).

But it's a far cry from the truth I'm afraid. Brazil has major economic problems and a lot of crime. 

Even though it wasn't prepared to host them and now two years later - it still isn't, Rio beat Chicago, USA; Madrid, Spain and Tokyo, Japan to win these games. And they are screwing it up royally.  

To complete this catalogue of nonsense and as s a way of saying, "Yes, we're making a complete balls-up of this", the opening ceremony was a complete disaster. It was a failure to behold. And cemented that they are not ready for this and never have been. 

What the International Olympic Commitee were thinking when they awarded Brazil the games is anyone's guess. I'm wondering if they were even of sound mind at the time.

I will not be watching #Rio2016, as I know it's going to be a complete farce. 

And to the International Olympic Committee, you should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing Rio to hold the damn thing in the first place.